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Neon Classic

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A classic kind of piece contoured with neon led modernized lines. Designed by: Maya Shokor / Hatem & Associates Visuals by Kframe.

Maya's Blog related to fashion and design:



3ds Max | V-Ray | Ps.

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CGI - Interior - Belgium
KNB Team
Dear friends, Inspired from a design of JUMA architects in Sint Martens Latem - Belgium, we create this new version for our in-house training. Hope you love it! KNB Team
This is my latest personal project, I hope you 'll like it.
A hotel chic bedroom with the ultimate escapism. Retreat from reality into a grown-up scheme of warm neutrals and high-end touches. Fine textiles are at the heart of this smart scheme. Moody Olive Green, soft w
my latest personnel project "Hermitage"
Vitality Clinic
The Vitality Clinic is a premium medical center considered to be one of the best in Saudi Arabia.
We were asked to design and visualize a kitchen.
We were asked to design and visualize this kitchen.
Scarlett Room
"Welcome to Scarlett Room where immorality is associated with sin."
Sin Garden
“Sin Garden, when Eden has been revisited. Come taste our apples!”
Theater Blush
A small study for indirect lighting by bouncing the light off of walls and ceiling exclusively. Software used: 3ds max - Corona Renderer - Photoshop
Summer Bloom
Been shy from publishing for a second, but here goes a project that is still ongoing. And since today is the summer solstice let's celebrate it with those freshly made artworks.
Living Room
This is my latest personal project, I hope you 'll like it.
Cacti Villa
Back Again to this Awesome Community With a new fresh project with hopes to inspire new artists and to get inspired by your criticism.
Banana Leaf
A Gorgeous design by STUDIOCUBE for a beauty salon to be installed in London.
Playing around with fog gave this tiny liquor store an awesome western movie like ambiance, also the design helped.
La Foule
A rustic approach to Lebanese cuisine. Heavy use of a newly adopted tool at K.frame called "Quixel" which is amazing BTW.
How About A Spa
When I was younger I couldn't afford to go to a Resort, so it was always a public beach until one day a friend and I swam from the shores of a public beach to a resort near by.
Rethinking Andalus
Nothing much to talk about here, only staring and appreciating this style of design.
For Love Of Film
Nothing beats the old fashioned classical posters, no one does them as they used to, they had a charm that no new poster have.
Liquor Store
An Exclusive alcohol store to open in Lebanon.
JP Apartment
A design by B.U.S Architects, our most recent project where we tried to deliver warmth and style to the clients. We hope you guys enjoy our newest creation!
Vanilla House
The client asked how could someone swim in this and I said " Naked ". A design by our Favorite BUS Architects firm. I will not add a description. I was high when I clicked the mouse to create this.
As Industrial Designs are being so popular nowadays, once again we were commissioned a restaurant to be built in the gulf.
Collection Prive
A recent project made for a dear Client of ours. The Aim was industrial design which we always welcome. What was a pain in the ass was arranging all the products and placing them. In the end we finished great visuals and the client was happy with the result. Isn't this what we all want?
Kamel Project
This is one of our recent projects for an industrial apartment here in Beirut. What we tried to do here was to achieve a smooth combination of cold skylight and touches of warmth here and there throughout the views.
Who wouldn't want to wind down in such a soothing and tranquil environment in the evening? It is a beautiful place filled with earthy tones and soft hues.
Project X "Area 52"
You know when a client tells you to make their project grey and as grey as you can do, but add more colors so it makes it less grey? This happened and i came up with these renders, which am very happy with the results.
A project designed to fit the needs of a modern hunter, Nature inspired color selection, Moss green and camel colors dominate the selection to the otherwise very monochromatic color scheme.
Seat Of Secrets
Its not common that we get to a get a classical project, but this time we did, and this is the result. A client asked this from us and gave us some freedom to add the K-frame touch and that's exactly what we did.
The Knot
A combination of a Lebanese heritage architecture and the minimal tones of our modern furnishings. Grey toned furniture were used with the combination of the existing earthy colors, also with yellow accents to complete the space.
Sapore Vini
A project visualized for BUS Architects and to be constructed in Lebanon.
JR Space
A design that is so easy on the eyes!! The rooms are touched with such softness that it fills the space with warmth and delight.
Nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven.
Abboud Residence
Hi guys Here is our latest project for a residence here in Lebanon . It was a great opportunity to work with Nataya Design by Nadine Tayyar on this project . Hope you like it!
Classical living
Classical renders aren't our thing, but here is a try that we found really interesting.
Ballroom in a Tower
A project done for Utopia design.
Treesome Ice
A project commissioned by B.U.S architects to K-Frame for a club in Faraya here in Lebanon, we have tried to show the project in two different atmosphere as per the client request . Hope u like it :) .
K Apartment
Another cool project for B.U.S Architects.
J Loft
Created for HGroup Architects as a Mock up for their latest project.
I Apartment
As usual Hgroup Architects once again gave us another well designed space for us to visualize, And these images were the result, i hope you like them as much as we did.
Rec Room
A project created for Bachir Nader in Lebanon, we tried to create a Lofty and rugged look for our project. Mainly its a place for " Fun, Sex, and other Kinky stuff"
Le Loft
A project to be executed in downtown beirut for a private client in a building designed by Bernard Khoury. Credits: B.U.S Architects - K-frame
Redbull Office
A project commissioned to us by B.U.S Architects to visualize the redesign of RedBull Office in Lebanon.
A Traditional Lebanese house transformed to host a modern japanese fusion restaurant. Fusing old heritage house with modern interior like the food they present.
Shawwaf Villa
An extension for a current villa in KSA, that is designed by HGroup Architects and visualized by K-frame
Mon Maki a Moi
A sushi Restaurant concept created for B.U.S Architects by K-frame
Phil & Joe
A Barber shop soon to be opened in Gemayzeh proudly designed by Bachir Nader And visualized by Kframe
We were asked to give the feel of Fendi inside this space, so we went for earth colors and a warm feel. Credits: Bachir Nader - K-frame
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