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EPAL Competition

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a set of images that we produced for Paula Santos for a architectural competition (EPAL)




Related Projects.

Meadow House
this is a huge architectural project for a single family house in UK
Pagoda Tower
Pagoda Tower (interior office project)
Everything is set... the final audition is done and the musician is ready for the big concert...
Kent House
A great architectural project from Strom Architects, located at Pilgrims Way, Kemsing
Residential House
A great precast concrete facade, that shows the Beauty of the building and that caracterize the rigor and method of Paula Santos Office
Woodlands house
set of images for a great architectural project...
Well House
This is a set of images that we produced for ARDesign Studio. The goal was to show that the new building will be dissimulated in nature.
A simple work that we do called 40min. to test our capabilities on software ... this time, corona for c4d
Rutland House
a set of images that we produced for Strom Architects.
Lay House
a set of images for a brick work house, designed by Strom Architects ;)
Art Center
A set of images for an art center.
Water Lily House
a floating house that stands over a artificial lake on a beautiful place...
House in Enfield
a very interesting architectural project considering the hard conditions of the terrain ;)
Everton Road House
a lovely house project in a lovely place ;)
Areeiro Towers
A set of images that we produced or Atelier Bugio for a architectural competition
#VisualWander2018 *Contest - Top 20 - 9th Place.
Haven House
A recent 3D project that we did for our friends John Pardey Architects. I hope you 'll like it!
Another 3D project that was committed by plusminuszero architects during 2017!
The Pyrus House
#keeprendering *Contest 2017 - Top 10 - 8th Place. Sharing some of my 2017 3D projects! It was a great year with a great team... Goncalo Castanheira and Alexandra Fonseca.
Wellness And Nature
Wellness And Nature boutique hotel. This 3D project is related to a rural hotel and spa in the interior of Portugal. The architectural idea is trying to merge architecture with nature.
Griffiths House
An architectural project from John Pardey Architects called Griffiths House. We made some detail shots also ;) hope you like it
Narula House
This time I want to share an exterior and interior work that we did recently. it's a family house just use a single light modo (physical sun and sky).
Sandi Lane House
Here is another 3D work done for STROM Architects, some extra details. I hope that you like it ;)
Thames bridge house
This project was a 3D work done for Strom Architects and Churchill Land LLP. I hope that you like it ;)
Branch Tree House
This is one of our last 3D works done for Arquitectos MATOS called "Branch Tree House"
Six houses in Cumnon Hill
This is a commissioned 3D job made for JPArchitects. It's about six houses in Cumnon Hill.
House in Geres
Hi there this is one of our last 3D jobs done the company Modular System. Hope you like it ;)
Torre da cidade
Hi there this is one of our last 3D jobs done for atelier bugio; joão simões and pedro domingos architects. Hope you like it
1916 Centenary Chapel
This was a 3D work done for Atelier bugio (João Favila Menezes) with Pedro Gameiro arquitectos, for a architectural competition.
Close to the chair
I made a few interior tests near a chair I really like. Hope you like it.
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