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Freelance Artist

Ford Mustang

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It's the first time that i try to make a something different. Today i wanna show you a little project done in 3 hours. Hope you like it

3dsmax | Corona Render 6 | Megascans | Itoo forest | Photoshop

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WT House
Freelance Artist
I show my latest project. Hope u like it
Bedroom T19
Freelance Artist
Continue the project for a client. Today i make the bedroom for a new building in Milan.Hope u like it
Living in white
Freelance Artist
The concept for this project it's the white/grey. Jobs for a client. Hope u like it
Small Kitchen
Freelance Artist
Today i wanna show you a little project for a client. Hope you like it
Vietnam House
Freelance Artist
I show you a little part of project for a client. Hope you like it
Bedroom A.Co
Freelance Artist
A project for client designed by me. The original render it's more bright but for me it was better dark. Hope u like it
Angle of Study
Freelance Artist
Angle of Study it's the first project with Fstorm Render. Hope you like it.
Living room in Palermo
Freelance Artist
Living room in Palermo it was a old project that after 6 years I decided to re-make for to see it today with the skills acquired during these years. hope you like it
Russians Buildings
Freelance Artist
A project for private client. Hope you like it
Freelance Artist
Piano's restaurant it's a personal project. Hoper you like it
Flat in Milan
Freelance Artist
I wanna show you a old project that i took again for to revive with new idea and project. hope yo like it
Classic Room Design
Freelance Artist
I want to show a old project that i remake. I like sometimes join the classic design with a new forniture. With colors so give life and make it "Home"
Freelance Artist
A Project for a private client. Hope you like it
Freelance Artist
I used just a single light HDRI. I thought that it's wad enought for this scene.
Arch Cafe
Freelance Artist
Arch Cafe after the rain is one of my latest projects. I hope you 'll like it!
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