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Megastructure Alang

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Some quick and dirty conceptual renderings for a friend. The modeling was done by him.


Cinema4d - V-Ray - Ps.




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The Shelter Blue Hour
Hey folks. Our latest project with new lighting and new shots!
Lemon Set
Hey folks, through months of trial and error, we has perfected our photogrammetry skills to create the perfect workflow. We are excited to show you our credible lemon set creation.
The Shelter
One of my recent projects. I hope you 'll like it!
Steel Kitchen
Latest kitchen project for the client "Grafikhelden".
Allied Works - Guesthouse
Hello guys, today I finished my guesthouse project with a new series of exterior and interior shots. Done with Cinema 4D and for the trees Onyx Garden suite. Hope you enjoy. Have a great week guys!
Classic Black Interior
Since long time I planned to try the corona render in Cinema 4D. Last week it was finally ready.
Zagato sports car
For our client LOUIS XIV we work on several zagato sportscar Images. 3D Model are a stock model.
Ambawadi Circle
This is a project for the client Blocher Blocher Partners in Stuttgart.
Luxury 24 Carat Gold Drink
The last weeks we've worked on several marketing images for the luxus energy drink "Louis XIV".
Haptic Chair
Exorbit Art
The Haptic Chair by Trine Kjaer was a part of my latest interior project. It was done in Cinema 4D and Vray. The biggest challenge here was to realize the strings on the seat and back.
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