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Symphony 34

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Four unique geometries add up to a single urban ensemble.

Four architectural volumes seek to change the face of the entire area. In the neighborhood of the parks, four incredible special rhythms begin to sound. Symphony 34 appears.

The design of the 54-storey GRAPHITE tower is based on a modular approach. For glazing, a complex profile with protruding corners is utilized, enhancing the flexibility of the facade. The load-bearing elements, which support the windows and grates for the individual ventilation system of the apartments, are seamlessly integrated into the modules. The grid of square windows extends throughout the entire height of the building. However, similar to the other towers, it is occasionally interrupted by bands of frameless windows.

The facade of the 49-storey CRYSTAL tower is reminiscent of a faceted crystal or a transparent prism, which beautifully captures and refracts sunlight. The bay windows, projecting outward, are constructed with glass on one side and adorned with polished aluminum on the other. These bay windows are strategically rotated at varying angles, allowing the panels to reflect sunlight in a subtly different manner as the hours pass, depending on the position of the sun. This unique bay window design, combined with the generously sized windows, offers breathtaking views of Moscow from every room.

The architecture of the 43-story SILVER building relies on vertical aluminum lamellas arranged in irregular steps, enveloping the facade. The facadeĀ“s intricate and picturesque appearance is derived from a subtle regularity within the pattern. This interplay of facades and details, along with the "transparent" floors, is harmoniously united by a rectangular plan and a refined sculptural form that remains discernible from a distance.

Among the four towers, the most intimate is the 36-storey "copper" SIENNA, featuring a facade adorned with pink-ocher anodized aluminum. The precise and uniform finishing extends up to the upper floors, culminating in a crown that boasts the most expansive panoramic windows of the building.




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