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Sing to me, O muse

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A short film featuring photogrammetry 3d scans. A humble adaptation of the timeless Odyssey, where 3D-scanned architectural elements, come to life as the main characters of the story.

Inspired by Homer´s Odyssey, this film calls upon the muse to sing us the tale of an ingenious hero who miraculously escaped the clutches of death on the battlefield, only to endure countless trials in the treacherous sea while striving to return to his beloved home. Unbeknownst to him, his devoted wife, Penelope, mourns his absence and embarks on her own battle of faith and patience by weaving the intricate tapestry of the great web, waiting for the day they reunite.

The narrative unfolds, centered around the two pivotal figures, Odysseus and Penelope, offering the audience the essential thread to connect with the epic tale. Alongside them, we encounter the muse, underworld, the embodiment of the tempestuous sea, and Ithaka. Though the latest are not traditional characters, these elements come to life as they narrate the story, their awakenings guiding us through the journey.
The muse opens the narrative with a divine aura, setting the stage for the unfolding epic. Odysseus, portrayed as a regal figure, and Penelope, beautifully adorned yet touched by the pallor of grief, capture the essence of their characters.

A pivotal moment occurs at the gates to the underworld, an imposing threshold guarded by two statues, reminiscent of Cerberus, their steadfast sentinels. This gate remains closed to our hero, only to be crossed by those who are destined to enter.

As the film nears its conclusion, the two central characters finally find themselves reunited in their cherished homeland of Ithaka. The symbolic double doors mark their triumphant return, etched with flourishing ´Flowers,´ a poignant reminder that love and resilience can triumph over the most formidable challenges.



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