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SicBo and Roulette

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Sic Bo and French Roulette Casino Games

Different task for change :)
We were approached by a client who wanted 2 premium games for his revolutionary casino system which can be seen here:
For the Roulette, the toughest part was to hand animate each individual number drop. We had a physical roulette table in the office and we used slow motion camera to see what the ball does. We created more than hundred videos to take reference from. Rendertime? Close to one year on our small farm for all possible combinations, camera takes etc. Crazy. Since the client insisted on being able to change textures and colors in post, we had to make a huge comp with raw passes that had to be noiseless...hence the rendertime.
The second game, Sicbo was, thankfully, more artistic and loose. The dragon was modelled in ZBrush and I handpainted the textures in Procreate in my iPad. Again, endless combinations, camera takes and endless rendering.
You can see some more stuff from us on the page mentioned above.
Hope you like it, thought i woudl share something else than archviz :)





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