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AMDG Studio
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AMDG Studio

Based in UAE.


AMDG Studio was born with the sole purpose of producing the best CGI content for the most demanding clients. Our core philosophy is clear and brief: quality at all costs! We don’t compromise on quality and never will.

We are keen on investing time to craft only the best images we can, as we strongly believe quality cannot be achieved in a rush. And this is why our studio always strongly encourages the team to have an obsessive attention to details.


The Studio.

Founded in 2020 by Hadi Mounajed, AMDG Studio brings together several years of experience in the CGI industry across 4 different countries, along with architectural and interior design expertise. This extensive know-how is then utilized daily and further developed on a constant basis, so that AMDG Studio can offer you excellence in the visual representation of the built and unbuilt environment.

Driven by a constant research of beauty and the ability of arousing emotions through images, our studio focuses on portraying your projects in an appealing way, taking out the inner beauty from them, whilst maximising the realism. Our highly motivated team serves customers all over the world, and we are thrilled that we have been able to turn our passion into our own CGI boutique.



Our studio offers cutting edge solutions to all things CGI. We aim to expand our services on a costant basis, as technology keeps pushing the boundaries, while keeping our trademark beauty and hyper-realism. The only limit is your imagination.



Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.

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