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B-Lev Studio
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B-Lev Studio

Based in Bulgaria.


Established in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2015, B-lev Studio is a company specializing in Architectural Rendering and CGI. We comprehend the language of design and take pride in working closely with architects and designers to transform their visionary concepts into reality.




Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art.




Building a strong visual connection between the creator and the observer.


Related Projects.

Interior Shots
B-lev studio ltd
Presenting a collection of interior shots showcasing a recent project for a young couple residing in Sofia, Bulgaria
House Near Sofia
B-lev studio ltd
Couples of shots done for our friends from
Unbuilt Hong Kong
B-lev Studio
unbuilt high-rise buildings in Hong Kong
Dragomir Winery
B-lev Studio
Series of images created for Architekturbüro Porsch Concept.
Moreni Hotel & Spa
B-lev studio ltd
We are excited to share images showcasing the updated interior design of a hotel nestled in the heart of Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.
17th Century House
B-Lev Studio
Renovation of 17-th century house
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