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Gayarre Infografia
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Studio Sponsor

Gayarre Infografia

Based in Spain.


We have photographed the non-existent for over 25 years. We are always one step ahead to give our customers what they expect. Our goal is to understand the essence of your project and, through high-quality images, transmit their advantages to the final customer.

Why is Gi different?

Our experience as architects is fundamental.
More than two decades and hundreds of projects.
We are tailoring.
Painstaking attention to detail.
Excellent results with limited information.
Strict adherence to deadlines.

Why should you choose Gi?

... we invite you to find those reasons on our website. 



Juan Gayarre.

I help developers with difficulties to
sell flats & architects who want to
win competitions, to have the business
of their dreams!

Cesar Ramos.

Specialist in architectural modeling
and rendering at the highest level.
He is a very good photographer.
Follow in onInstagram : cplano


Technical Industrial Design Engineer
He can 3d model anything. Specializing
in architectural and organic modeling.



ArchitectureComputer AnimationInterior Design.


VW *Studios sponsored with a 20% VIP discount by. 



Related Projects.

Tribute to Bofill Escher
GAYARRE infografia
Muralla roja at Calpe. Housing project by Ricardo Bofill. It is considered to be the most "instagramable" place of Spain. We interpreted the project as an "Escher style" based on his crazy volumes and sculptural physiognomy.
GAYARRE infografia
HELIOS | Block of flats. Our latest architectural animation for real estate.
GAYARRE infografia
I invite you to discover our latest animation project. On this occasion, they entrusted us with the visualization of a residential development in Saragossa: the GRETA building. It is a complete project with some common areas.
La Cala Hills Golf
GAYARRE infografia
This is our latest architectural animation project visualising a real estate development. It’s a residential resort at Mijas near a golf course.
Villa Miral
GAYARRE infografia
Real Estate Development in Spain. This is our last animation work visualizing a real estate development. It’s a big block of flats in Zaragoza: VILLAMIRAL.
GAYARRE infografia
Sometimes, one minute of animation is quite enough to show a project. This is an example of a block of flats in Lognes, France.
Grand Piolet
GAYARRE infografia
Today, I want to to show you a very unique work: the visualization of two unique houses in the Pyrenees, specifically in Formigal. It’s not usual to receive the commitment to visualize this kind of singular interior designs.
Lagasca 46
GAYARRE infografia
This is our last work : an architectural animation of a luxury housing in Madrid by A-cero architects.
Torre Del Alba
GAYARRE infografia
Interior and exterior architectural animation for real estate purposes.
San Lazaro III
GAYARRE infografia
Block of flats close to the river. Finally, part one and two has been joined for the final product. Architectural animation with real footage and video montages.
Solitary Christmas
GAYARRE infografia
Our Christmas card for the 6th 3D Render party winner image by GAYARRE infografia.
Alone - The Movie
GAYARRE infografia
Our latest architectural animation. Alot of work during alot of time, a few people were involved in the creation of this project.
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