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IMAX Studio
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IMAX Studio

Based in Lebanon.


IMax is an industry leader in architectural visualization business. Our goal is to capture your vision and create a dream that will reflect who you are and show the quality and sophistication to an extent never experienced before. The difference is in details. Our valued clients are palaces & apartments owners as well as architectural offices. 

IMax can bring your architectural vision to life. Our render is not just an image but it contains Emotions and Feelings. Our vast experience and knowledge in interior design and architecture, combined with the unmatched talent of our team is redefining the landscape of the 3D visualization industry.

Together we will transform your Dream to Reality.



Interior Design, Architecture, Digital Art.

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Related Projects.

The Battle
I Max Studio
#VisualWander2018 *Contest - Top 20 - 6th Place.
Black & Gold
I Max Studio
Is Not a Simple Colors, is About Life Style... Fancy, Luxury and More Than Darkness , Everything Can Be Touch Your Soul in The Scene.
I Max Studio
Maroon-Master Bedroom. When The Dreams Become True...
I Max Studio
Small Interior Space By: I Max Studio
Lawyer Office
I Max Studio
Lawyer Office / Closeup And Details Shoots. Designed By : Mouhamad Asswad
The Crew
I Max Studio
A year ago, my biggest project started at all. It was a long search for something special that hid beauty in all its details, it was The Crew.
Royal Master Bedroom
I Max Studio
One of our luxury projects. Design&Render : I Max Studio - All Rights Reserved. I hope you'll like it!
The White Palace
I Max Studio
One οf our luxury projects. I hope you'll enjoy it :)
I Max Studio
Master Bedroom. My recent project, I hope that you like it.
Perfect Day
I Max Studio
Simple Living & Dining Room.
I Max Studio
Blackum... Mixing Between Gold & Black Color in Luxury Style ...
Magic Of Orient
I Max Studio
Hand washer from my project " Magic Of Orient".
I Max Studio
Royal Master Bedroom
Hexa Sour
I Max Studio
Mixing between the various... a result of blending , started from simulation design to Ukrainian designer/ Ruslan Kovalchuk.
Coffee Studio
I Max Studio
Commercial Project By : I Max Studio.
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