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Based in Poland.


We are Terodesign.

We specialize in 3D visualizations and are renowned for them. We will visualize your thoughts and plans on the project you require us to do.

We offer our services to studios, real estate investors, architects, developers or any other individuals who are interested in working with us. 

We are working in the 3D visualization niche since 2004, and we can vouch for the quality of our product.

We work with the clients worldwide, and take any opportunity we can to improve even more, we don't like to set limits in any shape or form.

We always offer full freedom to the client to show us, what he wants and we work hard on implementing all of the clients wishes and thoughts into the project.

We as a team like to set new goals and new challenges for us to achieve, sky is not the limit!



Digital PhotographyInterior DesignDigital Art.


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Related Projects.

Drawing inspiration from photos by Marcos Mendizabal, we have decided to take on this office building project for practice.
Fortune Plaza
We got inspired by the Fortune Plaza project by P&T Group and decided to visualize it for practice purposes.
Proti Proudu Bistro
Architects: Mimosa architekti Visualization: Terodesign studio Inspired by BoysPlayNice photos Location: Březinova 471/22, Karlín, 186 00 Praha-Praha 8, Czech Republic Oсtober 2018
Villenkolonie II
The exclusive properties are located in Obermenzinger Villenkolonie II, one of the best residential areas in the north-west of Munich
Iconic Mosque
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Visualization : Terodesign Date: May 2018
Delta Tielt
Colors are important instruments of the artist in architecture, its a true mastery to show clean pallet without over-saturating the main concept.
Architecture: Fuchshuber Architekten Visualization : Terodesign ( Outsourcing for PureRender ) Date: April 2018 Location: Karl-Ziegler-Str. 12489 Berlin Germany.
Domodedovo Coffeeshop
Soft: 3dsmax, Coronarenderer, Photoshop Location: Moskow, Russia Architects: Asthetiquegroup Year: 2018
Sometimes even minor things make us absolutely fall in love with the architecture, in the latest work of Raúl Sánchez we saw the exellency in shape and form and we wanted to give you our take on it in our renders.
Sifera House
There are so many variables that can be present in a single place, day turns to night, warm colors turn cold, sometimes the mood of the picture is changed completely by those and many other factors.
Apartment 365
Location: Moskow, Russia | Design by Fonbureau.
Location: 1 Brown Street | Philadelphia P.A. 19123 | Architects: Asthetiquegroup.
Inspiration can come from different sources, our came from the project by Govaert & Vanhoutte called Versluys.
Xian Westin Museum Hotel
We got inspired by the work of Chinese architects Neri&Hu.
22 Christopher Strt NYC
22 Christopher Street, NYC. Design by Asthetique Group (New York, USA). Visualization by Terodesign. New York | USA
Horkogo Str
Design: Leks architects & Terodesign | Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.
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