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Based in Poland.


We are Terodesign.

We specialize in 3D visualizations and are renowned for them. We will visualize your thoughts and plans on the project you require us to do.

We offer our services to studios, real estate investors, architects, developers or any other individuals who are interested in working with us. 

We are working in the 3D visualization niche since 2004, and we can vouch for the quality of our product.

We work with the clients worldwide, and take any opportunity we can to improve even more, we don't like to set limits in any shape or form.

We always offer full freedom to the client to show us, what he wants and we work hard on implementing all of the clients wishes and thoughts into the project.

We as a team like to set new goals and new challenges for us to achieve, sky is not the limit!



Digital PhotographyInterior DesignDigital Art.


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Related Projects.

22 Christopher Strt NYC
22 Christopher Street, NYC. Design by Asthetique Group (New York, USA). Visualization by Terodesign. New York | USA
Horkogo str
Design: Leks architects & Terodesign Visualization: Terodesign Date: April 2016 / upd. August 2017 Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Scandinavian House
A non-commercial project of an architectural visualization prepared for our portfolio in a Scandinavian style.
House in Poland
House in Poland Location: Gmina Kobylanka Area: 240 m2. Architecture: Anna Thurow
Filigrad 2
Design by Fonbureau Visualization of the apartment 140m2 Location: Russia, Moscow Year: 2016 Style: minimalism.
Residential Complex A.R.T.
Designer: Kirill Golovlev Visualization: Terodesign Style: minimalism Location: Mosсow, Russia
Molochnij St
Interior visualization for Fonbureau studio ( Moskow,Russia ).
House in Olsztyn
House in Olsztyn, Poland. Livingroom and kitchen Visualization for Tamizo Architects.
Real Estate Visualization
Real estate visualization. 2016
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