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Based in Oosterbeek.


George Nijland has been making visualizations of architectural projects, interiors and industrial products since 1998. With a keen eye for detail, George focuses on delivering high quality architectural and artistic presentations. The company invests in the latest stable technology to provide flexibility and deliver projects on time. The company has a transparent structure, co-operates globally with various freelancers having their own speciality in graphic design and architectural design to give a unique quality to every project.



ArchitectureDigital ArtInterior Design.

Contact Details.

Triple-D bv
Oude Kloostertuin 64
6861 GV Oosterbeek
The Netherlands

T. +31263392813
M. +31651445088


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Related Projects.

Parkweg 2
Triple-D Visuals
A recently finished project for one of our clients.
New Office
Triple-D Visuals
We started the construction of our new office and we expect it will be ready in May 2017. And this is how it look like in May.
Zuiver Wonen
Triple-D Visuals
Project: Zuiver Wonen | Volker Wessels.
Triple-D Visuals
These are renderings of a renovation project in Den Haag, Netherland. the front exteriors are part photo and part 3D. The rest is all 3D.
New School
Triple-D Visuals
My recent shots for an interior project.
Triple-D Visuals
Project: Zwolle | Maas architects
Triple-D Visuals
Project: Farmhouse | Maas Architects.
Triple-D Visuals
Project Enschede | Maas Architecten
Den Hoef
Triple-D Visuals
Project Den Hoef | van Wanrooij
Triple-D Visuals
Project: 3D capacity | Mobin
Triple-D Visuals
Project: 3D capacity | Calypso
Project Heijmans
Triple-D Visuals
I made this winter project for a dutch developer.
Maas Architects Bellinkhof
Triple-D Visuals
This is my latest project for Maas architects in the Netherlands. It is a residential house in the middle of nature.
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